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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 2, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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starts right now. hello, again, everybody, i'm rick sanchez and the next generation of news, this is a conversation, this is not a speech, and as always, it's your turn to get involved. 30,000 american troops are today packing to deploy to afghanistan. and that means more americans will likely die in afghanistan. that's a reality. you just heard senator john mccain express that reality a little while ago. it caught our attention this morning when we heard it. this is all going to happen pretty quickly too. it's about two things really. new numbers and a new exit plan. it's not just president obama's vision anymore, it's the way it's going to be. despite this debate, the debate that's already started on the airwaves and in the chambers of congress where party lines are already being drawn, sometimes blurred. plenty of democratic lawmakers are not on board, not on board.
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most republicans are on board. that's a live picture, you're looking at right now from capitol hill. that's a foreign -- the house foreign affairs committee. they're putting their opinions on the record. but watch this. this is from this morning's meetings with the senate armed services committee. not to be confused with the house committee. three administration insiders making clear where they stand on this. let's watch it together. >> feeding al qaeda and enhancing afghan security are mutually re-enforcing missions. they cannot be untethered from one another as much as we might wish that to be the case. >> the men and women carrying out this military-civilian mission are not members of a list or items on a power point slide. they are our friends and neighbors, our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, and we will be asking them and the american people to
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make extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our security. >> every military leader in the chain of command as well as those of the joint chiefs was given voice throughout this process and every one of us used it. we now have before us a strategy more appropriately matched to the situation on the ground in afghanistan. and resources matched more appropriately to that strategy. particularly with regard to reversing the insurgencies in 2010. >> i just want to stop and show you something real quick, because we're going to be moving forward on the sanchez show every day at 3:00. we're also going to be doing something called rick's list. you just saw the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mullen there addressing members of the senate. he's also got this for us. this is a tweet that he sent out, he says i fully support the president's strategy for afghanistan, ready to execute.
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a lot of very important and relevant people are tweeting and we are going to capture them on rick's list. more on that in a minute. we knew that some of those folks you just saw right there would be on board. but what about the troops and the commanders in the war zone? those who are either getting ready to deploy, or, look, are already downrange. i want you to check this out, cnn is the only network to get this. so i want to show it to you at the very top of this show. this is general stanley mcchrystal, he's the top commander of all u.s. and nato troops as you know, he's talking to his troops in kandahar, today, this mock, after t-- thi morning after the president's speech. cnn was granted unprecedented access. >> it will be decided in my view in the next one to two years. we are going to focus with additional forces in the south. the south is going to be the
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main effort. i believe that by next summer, the uplift of new forces will make a difference on the ground significantly. >> now to the nitty gritty. what is happening in the war zone itself? that's probably as important as anything else, isn't it? you know how fond i am of michael ware's honesty and -- well, you saw him here with me the other day when we were discussing this before the president's announcement. the guy's got spunk, he's got passion. i like that. here he displays it once again. >> what is most significant just as a quick setup about this map? you see most of the american flags down here or the nato forces up here. >> the flags say it all, john. this is an american war. now with a nato antes up with more troops, look at the nato
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flags, where's the conflict? it's not there, the conflict is down here on the pakistani border region. kandahar, the capital city is under siege. zabul, there's entire districts that the taliban control right at this moment. tapika. >> this of course is tora bora where they believe back in the early days osama bin laden escaped into pakistan, instructed not only to talk about past mistakes, but also michael, the terrain, this is not flat iraq, not flat desert. >> lessons learned in this battle in 2001, there american forces relied on afghanistan militia and osama paid them more than we did. they just slipped through the backdoors. and as you can see, there's a myriad of backdoors. so the next big battle in march
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of 2002 that was american led and fought. that was the first lesson. the second lesson, look at this, mate, look at this, this border region, this is the end of the himalayas, these valleys swallow infantry divisions whole. how on earth do you ever expect anyone, let alone the afghans, even the american military to seal that? the true story of this afghan war is that saudi arabia is playing a hand in here, iran is playing a hand in here. india has enormous concern in pakistan because pakistan and india are rivals. they're using afghanistan as yet another battlefield. so where was any kind of consideration from the president about the regional approach? this broad chess game that needs to be played to get americans home from there? tiger tiger woods apologizes. and i'm going to read to you what he says and tell you what
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he's really, really apologizing for. also i want you to take a look at this woman right there. she is a model, she is a mother. and she's just also become a fatality. after a cosmetic injection. wait until i tell you where she got that injection. you're going to say, what? much like i did. also there's something else i got to tell you about. we're doing this rick's list which i think is extremely significant because we're going to keep the conversation going with all of you on our major twitter board and on facebook and on myspace, but now we're also defining relevant people to our stories and conversations of the day. that's what rick's list is, and we're queuing in, eric, on some of the people who are talking about the story today, which would be afghanistan for example and what better than the joints
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chiefs of staff? >> he's finishing with his testimony to the senators, that he finished his first hearing and told senators, our approach to afghanistan is as much about partnering with afghan forces as it is about fighting. >> this is about twitter and social media being used to make news and to seek comments from people on the air live. >> absolutely. and because we had rick's list set up. we were able to seize easily pi what the newsmaker was saying and pull it up. >> we'll be back with more from all of our social media and from rick's list and the tiger story. welcome to the now network, population 49 million.
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welcome back. one guy you have heard me quote on this show, whose analysis is often spot on has weighed in on president obama's war strategy here on cnnt. "new york times" tom freedman disagrees with the numbers, disagrees with the surge. he says the president has it backward as a matter of fact and he needs to go small in afghanistan, not big. >> what is the president basically arguing? it that we need to get a surges in afghanistan like we got in iraq, that's really what began change in iraq in our favor. what we basically have to do is rebuild the afghan government. right now the afghan people don't trust their government led by karzai, it's been corrupt, it's not delivered. we got to go in, rebuild the afghan government, the people will support the government, join the army and they will in effect lead the surge against the taliban. it's not like i think i'm sure i've got this right, i'm sure he's got it wrong. this is about nuance, it's
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really me saying in the balance of all these things, what we need here at home, what would be required to change afghanistan, i'm up for small there and big here, rather than trying to do big here and big there at the same time. >> obviously this is a very important story for all americans so this morning i asked the question right here on the twitter board, directing it mostly to rick's list so i would get comments from people who are relevant to the story people in the congress and people in the senate, and eric, we got a buyer just a little while ago, didn't we? this is a senator from utah, right, jason, h chaffetz. >> president didn't state fortunately imperative for 100,000 in afghan. >> you see he responded because he was on rick's list and he responded right there to your question.
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>> we got a comment from michael moore that's going to be coming up in a little bit. >> that's also on rick's list. meanwhile here's what else is coming up. >> i have let my family down and i regret those transgressions with all of my heart. that's a direct quote. from tiger woods. it's a mea culpa if you will, listen to what is easily one of the most famous athletes, if not one of the most accomplished in the entire world. more of the apology and more on the women who may have forced the apology. coming up. also, they were on the list, they weren't on the list. in other words they were on a list, but not the list. all right, which is it? new e-mails revealed between this party crashing couple and a contact at the pentagon. we're going to tell you what it says. also don't forget there's another way that you can join us in this discussion that we do every day for an hour, this national conversation as we call
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friday morning, tiger woods
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crashed his car. today he offered us a glimpse into his own personal wreckage. these six words pretty much tell the story, don't they? i have let my family down. i have let my family down. that is the start of a statement posted late this morning on tiger woods' website. i'm going to read you more in just a moment. but let's go straight to the real context here. let's not beat around the bush. this woman, rachel uchite election released a statement denying a published report. a second woman, a cocktail waitress alleges a lengthy affair with tiger woods, then this morning it's reported that that cocktail waitress jaimee grubbs says she has tiger's voice recorded on a voicemail.
3:18 pm
on the voicemail, you hear what appears to be woods' voice asking grubs to adjust her telephone settings to prevent his wife from seeing her number on the phone. quote, my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. cnn has not independently confirmed the voice is tiger's, but woods made his admission only a few hours later, again from his website. quote, i have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. i am not without faults and i am far short of perfect. i am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. those feelings should be shared by us alone. although i am a well known person and have made my career as a professional athlete, i have been dismayed to realize the full extent of what tabloid scrutiny means. for the last week, my family and i have been hounded to expose intimate details of our personal lives.
3:19 pm
the stories in particular that physical violence played in the role in the car accident were utterly false and malicious. elin has always done more to support our family and shown more grace than anyone could possibly expect. he finishes, i will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. for all of those who have supported me over the years, i offer my profound apology. tiger woods remains arguably the most dominant athlete in the world of his sport. and by far, the most sought after endorsement personality. how or if this sudden scandal affects that remains really to be seen. and according to most experts depends in large measure on how deftly he handless it. >> he's a guy without much
3:20 pm
experience who now traveling around the world apologizing. >> a guy without much experience, is how he refers to the president of the united states. did he hear what former vice president dick cheney said about the president? and he didn't even wait for mr. obama to finish his speech before he slammed him. is that out of line? some might argue yes, some might argue no. so we'll get arguments from both sides. >> obviously we never knew her life would be in danger, otherwise i never would have taken her to the clinic. >> just a glance at her and you would think that she had really just about everything. a family, fame, beauty. she went to get a simple cosmetic injection and she later dieded. it's the type of cosmetic surgery by the way that frankly i have never even heard of. maybe you have. we'll go through this together when i come back. what would you say if i told you that drivers...
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all right a couple of things to check with. as you know, we call this a national conversation so we like to hear what you have to say. as well as rick's list. but we haven't forgotten you as well. those of you who may not be relevant to any particular story. and you know what? we're getting a lot of comments about rick's list. people like it. >> we are, it's great. check out this one, i'm a huge fan of the new rick's list. great merger of new twitter
3:23 pm
technology and at cnn, always a leader of new integration. finally a constructive use of the list's feature. and guess who else is on twitter list right now? at the white house is on twitter list. maybe they're picking up on what we're doing. >> tell me what's going on from michael moore. >> let's see if we can get michael moore. >> we got a michael moore comment coming in just a little while ago, he's commenting on what the president of the united states said last night and from what i understand, michael moore is not happy. it says, did candidate obama promise to have more troops in afghanistan than the soviets did during their occupation? well, he's topped them now, sad. michael moore, mmflint, commenting on the president's speech last night. i have got some e-mails hot off the associated press i want
3:24 pm
to show you as welt. between a washington aid and a reality star wannabe who were accused of crashing the white house dinner. the couple tried to wrangle tickets through michelle jones. check out the timeline. friday before the dinner, jones says she hopes to get arrival ceremony tickets and promises to get in touch as soon as she has an answer. okay, monday morning, tareq salahi says it's not a done deal, she hasn't stopped trying, but it doesn't seem likely. tuesday the day of the dinner, jones says that salahi's -- obviously as you can see there,'s no deal done here, later that day, jones leaves a
3:25 pm
voicemail, no entry, she essentially says. you're not going to be able to go, you're not salahis respond dinner, claiming their cell phone battery was dead. listen to this from their email. we ended up going to the gate to check in at 6:30 p.m. to just check, in case it got approved, since we didn't know, and our name was indeed on the list, we are very grateful and god bless you. secret service is saying their names were not on the list. so how did they get on the list? at this point nobody seems to know. there is an active investigation and a hearing tomorrow and no the salahis have not shown any proof that they were actually invited. >> she would tell me no, look at me with my behind. >> i want the big behind. looking at her you wouldn't think that she needed any kind of enhancement.
3:26 pm
she goes in for a simple cosmetic injection, it's called and later dies. how does something like that happen? we're going to tell you, we're looking into this story, which is by the way a huge deal in latin america, she was a very famous woman. you can join in the conversation whenever you're in atlanta, you can be right here on the set with us, the number is 877-4cnn-tour. or check us out at it's called inside the conversation with rick sanchez. i would love to have you here, let us know. so why rely on health care coverage... that's missing something too? with medicare alone, your coverage could be incomplete. that's why you should know about another way to get medicare. aarp medicarecomplete from securehorizons. it combines your hospital, doctor visits, prescription drug coverage...
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3:29 pm
10 million. it was down, though, from 11 million in 2007. and that's just about the time the economy started to slow. so the economy has slowed cosmetic procedures as well. but maybe not so much in latin america. maybe not so much in argentina where a woman has died of a buttocks procedure. this is the former miss argentina. a beautiful woman, she is 37 years old, mother of twins and represented her country in 1994. today she's dead. reports say that she died of a pulmonary embolism after buttocks procedure. i can't believe i'm saying that on television. the sorry is getting a lot of play in latin america and rafael romo is our senior editor of latin-american affairs. my wife and i watched this when it first came over, fill us in, what do you know about this thing? >> she was getting ready for a
3:30 pm
show, she had her own modeling agency and was getting ready for a show in december. so she told a friend, i think i need a little something back there and this clinic in the capital of argentina, i think i'm going to go there, so they went together. >> for an injection? >> so an injection would make her butt more how she wanted it. >> you saw the video, this woman, if you called her beautiful, the word is not enough. she was very, very beautiful. but still, she felt like she needed a little extra. >> that's telling. >> so she went to this clintic, three days later she was dead. this story is getting a lot of ink in argentina and it's estimated that one in 30 people get some sort of cosmetic procedure. >> that's a lot.
3:31 pm
i'm going to take it now to our medical expert because, you know, as i look at this, elizabeth cohen, i'm wondering, i have never seen heard of this thing v you ever heard of injections to enhance the buttocks? >> i have heard of it. >> i keep saying that word, and i catch myself every time, the buttocks. tell us what it is and how can somebody die from it. >> i want to be clear that we don't really, really know what kind of procedure miss argentina had. i haven't spoken to her doctors. >> we know she died of a pulmonary embolism. >> let me tell you about so-called butt lifts. i have talked to doctors and they said chances are the procedure she had you take fat from one part of your stomach, to take your butt and sort of lift it up and make it bigger. that's a surgical procedure. when you have that, you can have
3:32 pm
a complication known as a pulmonary embolism where a blood clot goes to the lungs and the lungs can't work anymore. she died three day office the procedure, that would be the amount of time that you would die from a pulmonary embolism after a procedure. it's rare, but it does happen. >> should people considering plastic surgery be concerned about this? and i'm wondering, we hear of nose jobs and we hear of this lift and that lift, and sometimes it sounds like they had it done big deal. is this prevalent enough to be considered that way? or does this go into the nonmain stream kind of moz mettic procedure. >> do they inject fat from one part of the body into another? >> or they do some kind of injection from one part of the body or take fat away from one part of the body. >> so what is the take away?
3:33 pm
>> the take away is you have to know that death is a risk. a pulmonary embolism is a possibility. if you're going to do it, know that that could happen. >> interesting segment. this is a guy without much experience, who now travels around the world apologizing. >> that's the voice of our former vice president. he's criticizing our current president and he did it just before last night's major foreign policy announcement. he suggests that mr. obama's making war decisions for the wrong reasons. imagine that. also the holidays are here and i'm psyched because i've got four kids so it's a lot of fun around the house. so next, a story about 12 bouncers bouncing. be right back. (announcer) it's what doctors recommend most for headaches. what doctors recommend for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers... and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine.
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all right, we have got some breaking news that we have just gotten in and i want to read it to you because certainly it is a significant story that we have been following about the accused ft. hood killer. this is major nadal, you see him right there. let me read to you what this says, ft. hood, texas, at 2:00 p.m. today, 32 specifications of attempted premeditated murder. 32 specifications of attempted premeditated murder were preferred against major nadal malik hasan under article 80 of the uniform code of military justice. 32. that would likely mean that he's got 32 charges on him now for these. pam is a former prosecutor, and
3:37 pm
she happens to be producing our show today. pam, is that right, is that what they are essentially if we were looking at a civil court or a criminal court, those would be charges, right? charges, okay, so these are essentially charges. it's military language that we're using for you. but i'll continue. as with the initial charges these are allegations only and the accused is presumed innocent until proven otherwise, the investigation of this matter continueses and additional charges remain a possibility. the victims in these specifications include 30 soldiers and two civilians, two ft. hood police officers. so there you have it. this is what i'm reading to you from the form. this is coming to us right now from ft. hood, apparently within the last hour and a half. they have filed these charges against him. obviously as there's more information coming out on this story, we will bring it to you. moving on. we're going to bring you more news in just a moment.
3:38 pm
let's go to break. now get free delivery of walmart's $10 90-day generic prescriptions... matter where you live. plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other prescriptions. call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart.
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a couple of quick things to pass on to you. welcome back, i'm rick sanchez in the world headquarters here in atlanta. rick's list, where we bring you people relevant to news stories. and this is a comment from ambassador edward walker who has been saying a lot about the president's speech last night. he was ambassador to? >> egypt and israel. for 35 years and he writes, is mcchrystal on the same page? obama is focused on terrorism, and mcchrystal is focused on war in the area.
3:41 pm
>> this is a disparity at times between the general and the president. >> ambassador walker is on the list. >> he's on rick's list? >> he's on the list. during the bush administration dick cheney was referred to as among the most powerful vice presidents in history. but certainly not the most public. he stayed in the background and he let president bush get all the pub. now under president obama, as ironic as this may seem, dick cheney can't seem to get enough air time, he's on the radio, he's on tv, he's giving speec s speeches, but this week he may have done something that leaves his supporters wondering what he might do. he did a 90-minute interview blasting, really undermining in many ways president obama's plans for afghanistan, and he did so just hours before the president's speech, on the eve of the president's speech. here's a part of it. >> there's talk about exit
3:42 pm
strategies and how soon we can get out. instead of talk about how do we win. and those folks watch enough of that will begin to move away from what i would describe as the u.s. position and they'll begin to look for ways to accommodate their enemies. >> at one point he says this guy has no experience. which in and of itself referring to the president on the eve of such a major speech as "this y guy." >> we welcome both of you for i hope will be an engaging and spirited conversation about this. tony let me begin with you. my dad always said, son, timing is everything in life. and i'm wondering if the timing here was right? what do you zbla there are two questions, one whether what he
3:43 pm
said was appropriate and one whether he saying it is appropriate. nothing that he said i haven't even in the "washington post" or the "new york times" in their political assessments in the days leading up to and in fact a lot of the assessments of the retired generals on cable have been making have made the same points. so the question really is, as a former vice president should he have held his tongue in. >> yeah, he's a pundit. he's not a -- i mean a vice president should been the guy going around cable stations giving daily comments on stuff. or are they? i don't know. >> keep in mind, that the current administration has ordered criminal investigations of bush employees regarding interrogation which the vice president was involved in. this is unprecedented and i can understand why the vice president is more vigorous in his defense of what his administration did than others have been. although jimmy carter, jimmy carter has been pretty tough obviously. i was in reagan administration, we bad mouthed jimmy carter and
3:44 pm
he bad mouthed us back. >> that's a good point, what he's actually doing is defending himself against a possible -- hiss own possible prosecution, maria, what do you say to that? >> i think that's exactly right, but i also think he's trying to cover for eight years of completely ignoring the war of necessity which we needed to do in afghanistan and it's exactly the reason why we're in the situation in afghanistan that we are in today. it's also completely laughable that he is slamming president obama on this when he was the one, if everybody remembers, the enforcer. when anybody ever dared even tried to criticize the bush administration, he would call them unpatriotic and would claim they were giving aid and comfort to the enemy. so it's ironic and it's laughable. >> i just saw a "washington post" poll, tony, and they asked who are the best republicans who best reflect the republican
3:45 pm
party. and one, not 1% of more than 1,000 people, one said dick cheney as the role model. >> he took president bush out in 2000 because of his heart condition. i think he's talking for history and he's going to very vigorously defend, obviously we have heard on this show the criticism of the former administration continues. they have every right to defend the former administration. >> should he have done it on the eve of his president, because this is his president too, on the eve of his president announcing a momentous decision about how we're going to fight a war in afghanistan? again, certainly he has the right to do it? was that the wrong time, tony? >> i think the etiquette has been gone a long time ago. the "new york times" did a slashing piece against president obama while he was still in asia, splashing it on the front page. that sort of surprised me a bit. but i think these days timing is
3:46 pm
no longer, the proprieties that we used to honor really have gone by the board now. >> maria, do you agree? >> i think it's completely inappropriate for a former vice president to be doing this especially one who when he was in office would criticize those who would criticize his administration. >> tony and marie yarks yamaria great guesses and i appreciate your come ogen. . you know who that is? that's video of marilyn monroe, yeah the screen legend, it's never been seen before, we found it, we're going to share it with you, just to put things in perspective, we'll be right back.
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welcome back. i'm rick sanchez, here in the world headquarters of cnn two weeks ago, the cover of golf digest that i'm about to show you would have been so cool. it would have made me and most guys like me envious, it would have made the president of the united states look really cool too. that was two weeks ago, this week, when it actually comes out, not so much. here's fotos. this is the january cover of "golf digest." it shows a photo shopped image of tiger woods leaning over an image of president obama on the putting green as if they're reading the putt. the headline ten tips obama can take from tiger. insert your own jokes here, of course. ten tips. the president should take from tiger. incredible.
3:50 pm
this president, it seems, can't buy a break. the film which was shot by' friend in the late 190s shows the former big screen bombshell smoking and laughing with
3:51 pm
friends but this small clip comes with a big price tag that the collector paid around $275,000 for it and plans to auction it off on obey sometime this week. that is a glacier melting over the course of two years documenting by a nature photographer who wants us all to know what's happening around the planet. that's tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we will bring you that story. also, it's wednesday, so it must be time for a little mid-week r & r. roland martin and rick sanchez. see how his name always comes first. that's how -- that's how i get him back every week. he's got plenty to say about the president's strategy, about afghanistan, maybe even something about the former vice president as well. we'll be right back. you wouldn't swim in a pool with no water.
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you've got to love that animation and got to love roland martin. he joins us now. did you listen to the speech in did it convince you, roland? >> actually, rick, your audio just went down a little bit there. >> i'll ask you a question. >> there we go. did you listen to the speech and did it convince you? >> well, i was on cnn all night, rick, of course, i listened to the speech. here's what i thought was the most important thing. a lot of people were focused on the president laying out what the war strategy was going to be, the president had to remind americans why we are in afghanistan. 9/11 took place eight years ago. second paragraph of his speech he went to that point. go back to look at the speech. three or four times during that speech he went back to that whole point of why we have to be in afghanistan so i think that was really the most important part of it in terms of why we have to be there. he made the point also that, look, we've stopped several
3:55 pm
other stairor plots that were actually hatched in afghanistan. >> let me tell you why i asked the question the way i did. we've got this new thing called rick's list where we seek real relevant people, people in congress, people in the senate and others, michael moore, for example. we've been communicating with him today and reading what he has been writing. >> sure. >> we've got russ feingold to send us one a little while ago. here's his impression and his answer to the question did you watch the speech, and were you convinced? eric, help us out with this, feingold from wisconsin. democrat, right? >> he said. absolutely. president was right to take his time on the afghan decision but a troop increase is counterproductive to our fight against al qaeda. >> that's what a lot of people are saying at this point, roland, especially from the left. how big a vukt is the president is going to have here? >> not shocked at all because you have the left, frankly, they
3:56 pm
staked their pox out against the war in iraq and don't want to see an escalation but here's the problem the left has and we have to be honest about it. the left, the democrats have always been portrayed as weak on national defense. like it or not, if you're on the left, there's not been a terrorist attack on u.s. soil in the eight years since 9/11. if you're a democratic president, you go to bed every night hoping and praying it does not happen on your watch. democrats have to also understand that you can sit here and say ignore afghanistan, pull troops out, but that is the encenter, that was ground zero of what took place on 9/11, and if there is a terrorist attack on this soil with a democrat in the white house, the democratic party can forget control of congress and the white house for a generation. >> sounds like you're agreeing with dick cheney. let me read you what he says. >> i remember -- i remember how
3:57 pm
we all felt on 9/11, and i'm not one to say, hey, let's just walk away. >> but you're saying that there are political motivations for making this decision to make sure -- that's what you're saying? >> i didn't say that. what i'm saying is that there are human motivations. what i'm saying is americans -- we can sit here and say, well, eight years, nothing has happened, but we are always a reactionary people. we have to be on the offensive against terror around the world because we don't want to relive what took place eight years ago. no one wants to go through that again. >> i begin to get nervous when i see the commander in chief making decisions apparently for what i would describe as paul "p" political reasons where he's trying to balance off different competing groups in society. >> but he's a politician. that's -- >> dick chainy. >> look, look, we see this every single day, rick. we see it with members ever congress and with people in the white house. that's not a shock. a politician is a politician. >> this is a war. people's sons are dying though. >> yes. >> why should politicians or
3:58 pm
politics even play into this thing? >> because that's what they are. in order -- a politician makes a statement politics is involved. why? the root word of politician is politic, so you can't divorce that. the cnn poll shows half of america says send troops. the other half of america says don't send troops. there are political realities to every decision. when the president bailed out the banks, people said, no, this is saving the economy. guess what, that was politics? you cannot politics from the decisions made in washington, d.c. you simply can't. that's reality. >> the imperative though ends up being someone might die in this decision. is that not something that -- that a, quote, politician, whether he's a councilman or a president of the united states needs to take into account at the expense of any political decisions? >> rick, didn't you -- you asked the question did i hear the speech? the president spoke directly to that in his speech. he said -- he talked about
3:59 pm
making the decision to send men and women to war. he said that if he was convinced that we could somehow confront this issue without sending troops, he wouldn't send any, so he spoke to that. he spoke to the real cost of war so he talked about that, so it's not like he divorced it. he also spent the time and said this is why i took so much time in making this decision to make sure it was the right one, so all of that was there. what's interesting to me is when i hear people say, well, he was going back and forth, trying to please everybody, but the reality is you have people who say i want to see an exit plan. he gives one. i want to see an escalation of troops, he gives that, so what is he to do? not tell americans, rick, we're going to make this thing open-ended and spend as much money as possible. that was the criticism of the last guy and we saw what happened to him. >> you know, it's interesting. we're going to continue with roland now on which oftentimes gets evenre


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